Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why you won't see my raw footage

I get many requests to see the raw footage of my projects. It ain't gonna happen!

You have to trust that what I am showing you is the best footage there is, and that there is no more good stuff. No artist in his/her right mind lets you see the crap. Our job is to show you only the best.

Art is in the editing.

Most of the time the unused footage is badly shot or the sound is bad or the subject is rambling or repeating himself or it's just plain boring because nothing is happening.

Does anyone really think I wouldn't use something that's GOOD? If you watched the raw footage I guarantee you would end up skipping over most of it and fast forwarding to the parts that are in my edited video. 

That's what editing IS. Finding the good parts and leaving the trash behind.

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