Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Preview of my SECOND Kai Greene DVD in the works!

I'm getting deeper into the editing of the sequel to OVERKILL! It's going to be called "Kai Greene: REDEMPTION".

Here are a few stills from this work in progress. This is going to be a very different DVD from the first one in many ways.

There is no release date set yet. I still have a long way to go!

Click on the pix to view them full frame.

4 up
We had a pretty good position in the pit, even though we were a little off to the side. Still, it's some of the crispest, best looking footage I've ever seen. Kudos to my assistant Elena for putting up with the pit mayhem and still getting good footage!

posing trainin 2
An usual use of the leg curl machine for a specific purpose.

Kai squats 585 for many reps just weeks before the Arnold Classic.

Kai at prejudging. 2010 Arnold Classic

Sunday morning after winning the 2010 Arnold, Kai gives a training seminar.

pose for pic
Posing a few weeks before the Arnold.

posing training
Teaching young bodybuilder, Jason Myers, the fine art of posing.

The result of squatting 585 for reps.

teacher and student
Student and teacher.