Friday, February 11, 2011

Mike Pulcinella Video Productions shoots a controversial play!

A non-bodybuilding project for MPVP!!

Fever Dream Repertory's production of Peter Sagal's Denial was a hit and we were lucky enough to have been picked to shoot one of the live performances.

Live performance being what it is, the resulting DVD isn't perfect. There are audience noises and a few line flubs, but the SPIRIT of the play certainly came through, as you can see from this very dramatic scene in which a Neo-Nazi Holocaust denier confronts the author of a book about the death camps.

Cast appearing in this clip:

Michael Brinckman..........Adam Ryberg

Lawrence H. Geller.....Noah Gomrowitz

Arnold Kendall............Bernard Cooper

Nancy Segal...................Abby Gersten

We are happy to be branching out from the bodybuilding world in this way and hope to have more non-BB projects in the near future!