Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MD block party video - The importance of promotion

When posting a new video it is very important that is also be promoted or else no one will ever see it.

The complete video of the Muscular Development Block Party held several weeks ago was posted on the MD.com website a few days after. In order to help promote it I created this teaser video hoping that anyone who stumbled across this on Youtube might then be enticed to click over to MD.com and look around.

Note how I make it known right away that you can go to MD to see more and I make it easy to get there by supplying a link to the right of the view screen, as well as pointing out that fact at the end of the video. These are details that are often neglected when most people post their videos.

Why natural bodybuilding? - Highlights video of a bodybuilding contest

Here's a recent highlights video that I made for the promoter of a local natural bodybuilding show.

Instead of the usual high-energy approach usually used for this sort of thing I thought I would try something a bit more low key. Using only soundbites from interviews conducted at the show I put together this promo clip.