Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pulcinella Productions page to debut on Muscular!

Big announcement!

Muscular has given me my own page on the website!

It's called Pulcinella Productions and it's a pretty big deal for me! The Pulcinella Productions page will be a place to view teasers, rare outtakes, sample clips and raw footage from some of my newest projects before anyone else gets to see them.

In conjuntion with my Facebook page, I want the Pulcinella Productions page on MD to be THE place to go to see my work in progress, as well as some special suprises that I have up my sleeve.

Tomorrow we will be posting the first of a two part Kai Greene instructional training video that we shot in Columbus last week.

The video will be posted tomorrow, exclusively on the Pulcinella Productions page.

Thanks to Steve Blechman, Adman, Robbie, Butch, Mike and the entire MD crew for this opportunity and their support!