Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just like TLC!

I just finished a short demo for my cousin Matt showing the latest bass guitar he's added to his collection. He's a guitar maker (more specifically, basses) and collector and I was pleased with how quickly and easily we were able to present a few details of his latest acquisition.

Just like The Learning Channel! Well, maybe not, but I even used those swooshy kind of transitions like some of those Do-It-Yourself shows use! We are planning to make a much more elaborate DVD for sale online and at guitar shows that demonstrates exactly how he makes his custom instruments. Matt is a personable guy and a great musician so it should be an interesting piece.

Here's an example of the kind of work that he does. Beautiful isn't it? And it sounds even better!

You can check out his website here...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mixed Martial Arts video backfires!

The webmaster of MMA has asked me to create a short video intro for his website that show what MMA recruiters is all about using only stills and footage shot by other videographers.

I attempted to put this all together using music that is a little outside the norm for these kinds of videos. Here's what I came up with...

It flopped.

I posted the vid on various forums and asked for opinions. Very few people liked it. I will admit it's WAY too long. It needs to be about a minute or slightly over. But what they really didn't like was the music. 

Most MMA vids use fast cuts and screaming heavy metal music but I wanted to do something that was as different from that as possible yet still communicated the passion and power of the sport. I guess I went too far.

Back to the drawing board!! Stay tuned!!

Surgery or Supermarket?

What do you think is harder; getting permission to tape in the operating room of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital or the local supermarket? If you guessed hospital you’d be wrong! With one friendly phone call I have been able to record actual surgery in two major hospitals. (See my Knee Surgery vid.)

Getting footage of food for my latest commercial was a completely different story and proved to be much more difficult than I expected. Still, I persevered and after a month of phone calls and emails I was finally given permission to shoot. As you can see, I got some great stuff!!

Hey everybody!

Welcome to my blog and my newly redesigned website! Thanks to Rob Ziruolo for turning my ideas into reality. I wanted my website to be simple, uncluttered and easy on the eyes. I think we achieved that.

My other objectives were to provide...

- Higher quality video clips than Youtube
- A place for my clients to check in on their work in progress and make suggestions
- A place to discuss anything we want to discuss! Video editing, bodybuilding, movies, whatever interests me, my friends and clients is appropriate subject matter for the blog
- And finally, a place where people can purchase my DVDs directly from me!

Any suggestions to make the website or blog better are always welcome.