Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where are all the new Mike Pulcinella videos??

For those of you who are wondering why you have not been seeing many new videos from's what's going on.

1. When you make videos at this level of the sport there are many people that have to approve each video before it can be posted.

In the old days I would just shoot something and post it on Youtube when it was done. Now there is the sponsoring supplement company, the sponsoring magazine, the athlete and sometimes the athlete's representation to go through. Very often the magazine website wants exclusive rights to show the video for a time. When we later post on Youtube the video must be reconfigured and re-exported for that venue, logos and commercials added or subtracted, etc. All of this slows the process down from me to you.

2. I have been very fortunate to have many projects that I am working on for a variety of clients.

However, still being a one man operation, this often means that they don't all get done as quickly as we'd like. I am producing videos all the time but some are more specialized and not as high profile as the bodybuilding documentaries. Some of this work you may never see.

3. I am working on serial projects for the future.

In other words, like a TV series, I have to have many episodes "in the can", as they say, before we begin posting so that we aren't scrambling week to week to make the deadline.

4. A lot of the work I am doing is non-documentary work.

Commericals take time to produce...a lot of time. A 90 second commerical can take as long to perfect as a 12 minute documentary clip.

5. I am moving in two weeks!

In order to be where the action is I am moving closer to NYC! But I am also a single man and so the entire moving process, from start to finish, including packing all of my stuff these past few weeks is mostly on my shoulders. Imagine doing that and editing documentary videos AND taking care of the paperwork, invoicing, taxes, etc, for a small business and cooking and cleaning and doing laundry etc etc! I'm not complaining, it's what I asked for and I enjoy the work, but there are only so many hours in a day.

6. The hurricane disrupted normal operations for MHP and MuscleMeds.

Fairfield has been flooded all week. They have been unable to get to their offices and so the videos that I have done have not been able to be approved and passed on to the other people necessary to approve them. I am hoping we will be able to resume normal operation this coming week. Please note that if you've oereded any supplements from either of these companies your shipments may be delayed.

Once again, I am grateful for your enthusiam for my work and thankful for your understanding. I assure you this is a transition period for me. Once I get settled in my new apartment and establish my editing studio MIke Pulcinella Video Productions will be going full speed ahead like never before!!

Mike Pulcinella