Friday, March 20, 2009

Mike Pulcinella Video announces a new service for our bodybuilding, figure and bikini contest contest clients!

Mike Pulcinella Video Productions is now offering a special service. In addition to creating some of the best contest DVDs in the industry, we now can post your routine online so that you can send it to friends and family within DAYS of the show!

Your routine will be...

High resolution - we post on the high quality hosting site VIMEO!

Easily email-able - Just send your friends the link!

Downloadable! - VIMEO allows you to save the Quicktime file to your computer (with a quick and free sign-up) so you can play it there, make copies, burn a DVD, embed in other applications and even re-UPLOAD to Youtube or other video hosting sites!

Here are a few examples from last year.

Kreider, Robert from Mike Pulcinella Video on Vimeo.

Pringle, Shawna from Mike Pulcinella Video on Vimeo.

Tazuli, Tess from Mike Pulcinella Video on Vimeo.

Click here to see more!

This is YOUR routine, YOUR hard work, on the web for all to see! And it's only $10 with the purchase of the DVD, $15 if you want just the upload alone.

This is a really valuable service for anyone competing in bodybuilding, figure or bikini contests!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First teaser from Raising the Bar 3!

Although I've got a way to go with the editing of Raising the Bar 3, I've created a short teaser to get y'all in the mood!!

Raising the Bar 3 - The First Teaser from mike pulcinella on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Need help shooting or editing video?

Fitness Video University is here!!

Scott York ( and and I have created a forum for the amateur videographer who wants to learn how to shoot better, edit better and promote their fitness business on the internet.

It's called Fitness Video University and it contains loads of information! You can ask questions, read shooting and editing tips and reviews of equipment, watch tutorials, post your own clips for members and experts to evaluate and learn ways to promote yourself using video.

Here are some recent topics on FVU...

How to be creative!

Great camera trick! The perfect pan!

With the help of FVU new member, personal trainer & IFBB pro bodybuilder Clifta Coulter Perez, hits one out of the park with her SECOND video!

When is a transition “cheesy”?

I helped one of our members get a #1 ranking in Google IN 1 DAY...

Times are NOT tough for everyone

My review of Layne Norton’s “Unleashed!”

Download FREE music and SFX for your videos!

I think we have a really unique site that is very cool and quickly growing! Stop by and check it's FREE!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Raising the Bar 3 UPDATE!

Very often, while deep in the editing process, I realize that I don't have enough information to fully explain what is going on. I usually fix that with voiceover but sometimes voiceover just doesn't feel right. Sometimes what is needed is a first person account, especially if we are talking about the internal, emotional thoughts of the subject. It is much stronger to hear the subject say "I was sad..." instead of having the voiceover saying, "Mr. Boodely was sad."

With that in mind I invited Dave over today to watch the parts of RTB3 that I have done and to look at some raw or lightly edited footage.

I would play a sequence for him and then ask him for his reaction. He was VERY excited about what he was seeing! That was encouraging to me. I've been deep into this for over a month now and feel too close to it sometimes.

As usual he was thoughtful, eloquent and funny, the perfect documentary subject! Even though I was shooting video of us working, as you can see, I intend only to use the audio portion of the tape. I'm wearing headphones because I'm monitoring the audio as it's recording, listening for distortion or glitches. That's usually done off-camera. It was a bit of an unusual set-up but it worked for us!

Over the next few weeks I'll be incorporating the audio that we shot today and hopefully will be much closer to completion!!

(Yes, I'm wearing my promotional RTB3 t-shirt!! I know that's dorky but it gets me in the right frame of mind!)