Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Need help shooting or editing video?

Fitness Video University is here!!

Scott York (bodybuildersreality.com and fitnessandfigurereality.com) and I have created a forum for the amateur videographer who wants to learn how to shoot better, edit better and promote their fitness business on the internet.

It's called Fitness Video University and it contains loads of information! You can ask questions, read shooting and editing tips and reviews of equipment, watch tutorials, post your own clips for members and experts to evaluate and learn ways to promote yourself using video.

Here are some recent topics on FVU...

How to be creative!


Great camera trick! The perfect pan!


With the help of FVU new member, personal trainer & IFBB pro bodybuilder Clifta Coulter Perez, hits one out of the park with her SECOND video!


When is a transition “cheesy”?


I helped one of our members get a #1 ranking in Google IN 1 DAY...


Times are NOT tough for everyone


My review of Layne Norton’s “Unleashed!”


Download FREE music and SFX for your videos!


I think we have a really unique site that is very cool and quickly growing! Stop by and check it out...it's FREE!


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