Friday, March 20, 2009

Mike Pulcinella Video announces a new service for our bodybuilding, figure and bikini contest contest clients!

Mike Pulcinella Video Productions is now offering a special service. In addition to creating some of the best contest DVDs in the industry, we now can post your routine online so that you can send it to friends and family within DAYS of the show!

Your routine will be...

High resolution - we post on the high quality hosting site VIMEO!

Easily email-able - Just send your friends the link!

Downloadable! - VIMEO allows you to save the Quicktime file to your computer (with a quick and free sign-up) so you can play it there, make copies, burn a DVD, embed in other applications and even re-UPLOAD to Youtube or other video hosting sites!

Here are a few examples from last year.

Kreider, Robert from Mike Pulcinella Video on Vimeo.

Pringle, Shawna from Mike Pulcinella Video on Vimeo.

Tazuli, Tess from Mike Pulcinella Video on Vimeo.

Click here to see more!

This is YOUR routine, YOUR hard work, on the web for all to see! And it's only $10 with the purchase of the DVD, $15 if you want just the upload alone.

This is a really valuable service for anyone competing in bodybuilding, figure or bikini contests!

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