Monday, March 3, 2008

Classical music ROCKS!!

It always bothers me when people say that they like classical music..."but only when I fall asleep"! I've loved classical all my life. Some of the hardest hitting music I know was composed for an orchestra. There's nothing like the power of 100 people playing together! 

It was with that in mind that I dove into the re-edit of my MMA promo video. The original was a flop. (See "Mixed Martial Arts video backfires!" below.)  I had tried for a Raging Bull homage but just got snores. I posted it on a few MMA boards and it didn't get them very excited.

For my re-edit I chose a section from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, one of the most powerfully raucous pieces of music I know. This video is the result and it has been applauded by some of the very people who had expressed disappointment with the first promo. Home run!!

Hopefully it will also be successful in drawing people to the site to join up. That will be the true test!

The fight footage was graciously supplied to me by and Thanks guys!

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Narkissos said...

Awesome Vid Mikey!

Congrats on the review!