Friday, June 4, 2010

The experiment has begun!

This is the first teaser of the promotional campaign that I am doing for the supplement company Xero Limits. It features their spokesman Rodney Roller.

More about Rodney and the DVD project that he and I are working on together soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm a big fan of Kai Greene and want to buy your DVD "Overkill". But i have one important question:
I'm from germany. So, in your sale descripton stands only "Europe/Uk" for the export.

Is it possible to order the DVD, although i live in germany?

Thanks for answering and sorry for my bad english ;D


Mike Pulcinella said...

Your English is very good! Don't apologize. It's much better than my German!! ;-)

Yes, Europe/Uk is for Germany too. I ship there very often.

But please be aware that the DVDs are NTSC, not PAL. You have to have a player than can handle them or watch them on your computer.