Friday, April 2, 2010

Watch ALL of OVERKILL on! is running my serialization of Kai Greene: OVERKILL!

That means that once a week they are posting, in its entirety, a segment of the documentary on their videos page and I get to say cool TV announcer-ish things like "Previously on OVERKILL..." and "Coming up on OVERKILL..."!

Check all of them out here on a special video homepage made just for OVERKILL!


SoreButtCheeks Blog said...

won't this kill the dvd sales ?

( guess u think not :-) )

Mike Pulcinella said...

You would think so but strangely enough it hasn't curbed sales all that much! Releasing the videos online was always part of the plan. For this project the overall promotion of Kai and MuscleMeds is more important than the DVDs.