Thursday, March 11, 2010

You can appear in Kai Greene's next DVD!

Thanks to everyone for your interest in and support of Kai Greene: OVERKILL! The story of his first attempt on the Olympia stage has been getting good reviews. Obviously I'm pretty happy about that!

As you may know I have been contracted to continue my relationship with Kai for a second DVD about his trip back to the Arnold and his defense of his title!

It’s been a dramatic journey, to be sure, but I need your help.

One of the things I’d like to explore in this next documentary is Kai’s relationship to his fans. I’d like to get opinions about Kai from the people who really count...the bodybuilding fans themselves!

If you would like to be a part of Kai’s next DVD (and a part of bodybuilding history!) please videotape yourself talking about Kai and send it to me soon so I can get it in the new documentary. It doesn’t have to be all positive! Kai is a controversial athlete and if you have a criticism of him and can say it respectfully it might make it into the doc as well.

You can answer one or all of the following questions...or you can improvise your own. Be creative! Show us your physique. But above all explain to us how Kai inspires or entertains you.

Only the most interesting and enthusiastic answers will make it on to the DVD of course so, like Kai...don't hold back!

Who is Kai Greene?

What makes Kai special? In other words, why are you a fan of his?

How has Kai Greene changed bodybuilding?

There are several ways you can get the video to me:

- Mail me a DV tape or burn it on a DVD

- Email a MPEG4 or WMV file (if it’s not too large!)

- Post it on Youtube and send me the link. I can rip it from there.

By sending me your video you give me the right to include it or parts of it in the DVD, in promotional materials for the DVD and in promotion for Mike Pulcinella Video Productions.

Thanks in advance for your support and enthuiasm for my projects! Don’t delay, I am beginning the editing process right now!


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