Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Kai Greene Project - Part 1

I have been very lucky recently to have been asked by the bodybuilding supplement company MuscleMeds to create a short documentary on one of the most promising young bodybuilders in the sport today, Kai Greene.


Kai and his trainer Oscar Arden travelled to Las Vegas seven weeks before the Mr. Olympia competition to train and prepare. MuscleMeds sent me there for three days during that time to get a rare peek into the mindset of this amazing athlete.


And it was an intense three days!

Kai and Oscar were shut off from the rest of the world. Existing in their own little bubble, in the middle of one of the most decadent cities in the world, they lived like monks concentrating only on their one goal.


Kai placed fourth at the Olympia, a very respectable showing for his first time there! My documentary will explore the preparation that went into his attempt as well as his thoughts about competing against some of the greatest bodybuilders in the world and his plans for the future.


This coming weekend I'm traveling to Brooklyn to spend some time with Kai and Oscar and as they bask in their post Olympia glow!

Stay tuned!

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